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Additional Cleaning Services

Many customers add additional service to their Regular Cleanings. Simply put, we can perform just about any cleaning tasks inside your home as long as we adhere to our insurance guidelines. To give you an idea of the most popular “Extras” requested, here is a sampling.


    • Clean Out Fireplace (must be unused for 72 hours, minimum)
    • Clean Additional Sliding Glass Doors (one set included with Standard Cleaning)<l/i>
    • Remove Books from Bookshelves and Clean Shelves
    • Vacuum Furniture (Family Room furniture included with Standard Cleaning)
    • Clean Underneath Area Rugs
    • Clean Woodwork
    • Clean Windows Interiors
    • Sweep Porch
    • Sweep Garage
    • Polish Silver


    • Clean Inside Refrigerator
    • Clean Inside Freezer
    • Clean Inside Oven
    • Clean Under Stove Top
    • Clean Exhaust Fan/Hood
    • Wash Out Wastebaskets
    • Wash Walls (Latex paint only)
    • Clean Inside of Cabinet
    • Remove all Items from Cabinets, Clean, Replace Shelf Paper, Replace Items


    • Clean inside empty cabinets and drawers
    • Wash woodwork
    • Wash window interiors
    • Remove all items from cabinets, clean, replace shelf paper, replace items
    • Clean walls (Latex Paint only)

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