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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions that you would like answered, please email sales@ashmaids.com or call us @ 1(855)ashmaids (274-6243) for quick and friendly assistance.

Qs: Do I need to provide for any kinds of cleaning equipment or supplies from my end?

Ans: No, Ash Maids does not require its customers or clients to provide their own cleaning supplies or equipments. We always arrive at your home address with our cleaning van and our own special cleaning equipments. We only use environmental friendly products which are safe for both pets and children.

Qs: What happens when I need to be on a holiday on a scheduled appointment?

Ans: If you happen to be on a holiday on a scheduled cleaning appointment, then you can always hand over your keys to us in advance or leave them at a safe location from where we can retrieve and use them. Our service providers can be trusted even in your absence.

Qs: Why should I choose you?

Ans: Ash Maids is a family run business which works in the principle of providing 100% client or customer satisfaction. Our cleaning practices and products used are top notch and would guarantee total and spotless cleaning. Infact, if you are not satisfied with anything, we offer an option to clean it all over again!

Qs: Do you book the day and time for cleaning services?

Ans: Of-course, Ash Maids pre-book cleaning appointments and are always present on the exact day and time of the scheduled cleaning. You can book your cleaning schedule by calling us or the next time when our team visits your house for cleaning services. You can even cancel your appointments by calling us 48 hours in advance.

Qs: What happens in the case when I need to reschedule maid visit?

Ans: You can always reschedule your maid service visit. If you have already booked a day and time for the services, you can call us 48 hours in advance and inform us about the rescheduled time and date. If you make any last minute changes or cancellations, then you will be charged for it.

Qs: Would my Valuables be Safe with Ash Maids cleaning service?

Ans: You can be totally assured that all your valuables will be 100% safe with Ash Maids. We train our maids to never open drawers and closets and treat our valuables and expensive items with care. All our cleaners are trustworthy, well trained and experienced enough to keep your house and its belongings safe.

Qs: I have Pets. What do I need to do with them before a service appointment?

Ans: Please notify us in advance if you have any pets. You must remove any excessive droppings or dander before our maids visit your house for a cleaning appointment. If possible, you can restrict movement of the pet or relocate it while our service providers are doing their job.

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