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Move out/ Move in Cleaning


    • Clean outside, and inside the refrigerator.
    • Clean outside, and inside of the oven.
    • Clean outside, and inside all cabinets.
    • Clean the stove (remove the burners if applicable, and scrub clean in the sink).
    • Clean over the stove, and remove any grease build up.
    • Clean outside, and inside microwave
    • Clean counter tops.
    • Clean walls remove any greasy stains.
    • Clean floor using de-greaser.
    • Clean light fixtures.


    • Tub/Shower; Clean thoroughly, remove any mildew, or stains..
    • Toilet: scrub clean to remove any stains…etc.
    • Mirrors: Clean with Glass cleaner
    • Wall: clean all tiles, remove any mildew, and stains.
    • Counter top: clean, remove any stains.
    • Medicine cabinet: Clean inside, and outside

Rooms, Dining Area, and family room.

    • Dust all fans that are within reach.
    • Dust all air vents.
    • Dust blinds, and window sills
    • Vacuum carpeted areas.
    • Vacuum (using back pack) all hardwood floors.
    • Clean all light switches.
    • Dust all chandeliers (Those within reach).
    • Remove any cobwebs
    • Dust all baseboards.
    • Wipe rails.


    • Clean glass door.
    • Sweep entrance.
    • Remove all trash.
    • Clean light switches.
    • Remove any cobwebs.
    • Mop entrance, and vacuum carpeted area.


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