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All our cleaners and service providers are strictly instructed not to drink, eat or smoke in the customer’s house, use any of the customer’s electrical or electronic appliances, open any closed doors or drawers, use cleaning products on screens of TVs and computer, lift any heavy object, remove any object from the house of the customer or work alone. Each of our maids are also specially instructed not to use any appliance or equipment which is owned by the client, unless specially instructed. Moreover, we train each of our cleaners are not allowed to accept or sign any package which gets delivered to the house of the customer on his/her behalf, unless instructed to do so. They are also not permitted to throw any paper or document which is already not in the trash basket.


If you are paying us using check then please leave the check on the kitchen counter and mark is as payable to Ash Maids Inc. If you are making the payment by credit card then please call our main office one day before the service at 1(855)Ash Maids or 1(855)274-6243. Our maids are especially instructed not to begin cleaning unless payment is made. If you require move out cleaning services, then you can either pay by credit card or by cash.In case you wish to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, you must call our office personnel atleast 48 hours prior to the service time. If you do not do so, you will be charged a fee of $35. Remember that we charge $25 for any returned check and $35 if our maids do not get access to your house for a cleaning appointment. Ash Maids will return the next day to re-clean any area which was not up to satisfactory standards if you inform us within 24 hours.

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