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Seasonal Cleaning

Ash Maids offers seasonal cleaning services in the metro area of Washington DC. Give us a call for our special spring cleaning and fall cleaning services to help you clean and sanitize your home. Let our expert team clean up your home and get a new and fresh beginning of a season We well attend to every detail of spring and fall cleaning.


    • We will wash walls (all the spots left from blender use, and splashing food residue), and all cabinets.
    • We will empty and clean inside the refrigerator.
    • We will dust ceiling, corners, vents, light fixtures and fans.
    • We will clean and sanitize all light switches (throughout the house)
    • We will Keep your family in a safe, clean environment.
    • We will revent allergy and asthma symptoms, or the spread of germs, with the professional fall and spring cleaning services from The Maids.


    • We will clean mirror
    • We will clean tub/shower thoroughly, remove any stains, or mildew.
    • We will Scrub sink.
    • We will empty trash bin
    • We will scrub toilet bowl inside out including base and behind
    • We will dust light fixture
    • We will remove any finger prints and marks from the door
    • We will vacuum carpet/mop floor
    • Then we will sanitize all surfaces, light switch plate, and door knob.

3-Bedrooms, and common areas:

    • We will change beds (if linen left on top of beds)
    • We will dust the drapes (using special vacuum attachment). The dust usually
    • We will will accumulate on the tops and folds.
    • We will using a damp microfiber cloth dust all picture frames.
    • We will dust the fans, air vents, and all baseboards.
    • We will sanitize all surfaces, door knobs, and light plate witches.
    • We will dust and wash window sills, and corners.
    • We will vacuum all carpeted areas
    • We will dust Blinds and window sills
    • We will empty trash bins
    • We will clean mirrors

We Serve VA MD & DC

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