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Ash Maids came on time and worked feverishly on my home. The manager communicated very well with me and was courteous, respectful and hard-working! Very impressed with the amount they accomplished in such well-priced, quick visit!
City: Alexandria, VA Project: Maid Service

They were the first to contact me, within minutes of receiving my request. Price was cheaper than what I had been paying, although still a little higher than what I think I should be paying. They did a very good job and I hope to continue using them to clean my home.
City: Springfield, VA Project: Maid Service

Responsiveness and performance were excellent.
City: Arlington Project : Maid Service, VA

I have a very big house, and I couldn’t keep up with it. So I called Ash Maids and set up a bi-weekly cleaning They really made a big difference in my life. I trusted them with the key to my house, so they come in And clean while I am at work. The house is clean, and in A perfect shape when I come home after they cleaned it. Very trustworthy and very professional. I even once left them a check in the kitchen drawer instead Of on the kitchen counter where they prefer it to be left. They didn’t take it because they say it is against their Company policy to open drawers
P.D City:Woodbridge, Virginia

I had tried other Maid Services in the past but was not satisfied with the work they did. It was very sloppy Job. Then I gave Ash Maids a try I was very surprised at their quality of work. I have 2 dogs, and the house was full of dog hair every where on the carpet, on the couch. They Managed to leave my house very clean every time they Come. They are very good at what they do, and very pet friendly.
A.S. Washington, DC

Very fast to call, and set up an appointment I asked for a 30 minute call ahead since it was 4 hour window. When they called they were already in front of my house. People doing the work are wonderful, very fast, nice and thorough. They are very professional.
K.H. Vienna, Virginia

DI called Ash maids to set up an appointment since I had guests coming the next day. It was a very short notice. Not only had they squeezed me into their busy schedule but they left my house spotless. They did such a great job that I had them come every other week for over two years now.
Falls Church VA

DI Had Ash Maids for over 2 years now. I trust them with my house key since they clean my house twice a month. They are very professional, trustworthy, and they do wonderful job..
F.S Centerville, Virginia

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